Poynterism is an umbrella name to cover the works, ideas, concepts, musings, creations and other random stuff of Andrew and Jennifer Poynter. It is a relatively new collaboration (although we have been together for over 10 years).


With skills and experience covering everything from teaching to publishing, via art, illustration, toys, graphics and digital, Poynterism aims to bring its own unique, if slightly odd perspective to the world.


Expect a number of small people projects in the coming months due to a new addition to the Poynterism family.


There is more information about the main people involved with Poynterism below.


‘The technical brains behind Poynterism.com, all pointy edges and monotone (with nails thrown in for good measure)’


Hi I’m Andrew (@alpoynter), and this is the story so far. I’m an illustrator, graphic- and web-designer, I’m also a geek (thought I’d get this in early). Experienced in all things print related as well as online I truly have become a jack (or should that be Andrew?) of all trades.


I have spent the last 5 years working for an educational publisher, covering such exciting things as the design of books and other print media to the development of an all new Content Management System (CMS).


Prior to the wonderful world of work, I studied Illustration at the University of Central Lancashire, where I learned all sorts of amazing stuff including how to brew my own beer and call it art.


I’m always working on something new, and if not I’m looking for, reading about it or learning about it. I did say I was a geek didn’t I?


You can tell I’m the geeky techie one because all the links below link to me.


‘The frills and spills (literally) of Poynterism.com. The place the colours and flowers come from’


For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with drawing, doodling and patterns. I am fixated by signs and symbols we see all around us every day in everything from fliers, tattoos, street art to posters and textiles. These are interpreted in many ways, and create their own codes, conventions, language and discourse.


I tend to be influenced by things happening around me and things I’m passionate about. I work in a range of media, from pen and paper, to fabric, installation and vinyl stickers.


I graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2004, and became a teacher, then Head of Art after doing a PGCE in Art and Design at Goldsmiths College. I recently completed my MA Artist Teachers and Contemporary Practices at Goldsmiths. The MA helped me to revaluate my practice and the importance of balancing the two sides of my psyche-the artist bit, and the teacher bit.